Mateo Benitez

Mateo Benitez

UX/UI Designer in Argentina



Work Experience

2022 — Now
  • Designer of the maintenance and e-commerce development team for a Top #7 Most Innovative Companies Latam 2023 client.

  • WMS layout Design for a national e-commerce leader.

  • TMS Platform Design (Dashboard, Driver App, Analytics).

  • Designer of an AI Mental Health Web & Mobile app.

  • Designer of a global independent social network Web & Mobile app led by women, working for social change.

  • Collaborated in the creation of the brand image and internal design system (Career path design, Social media posts, Email designs & Event flyer designs).

  • Sole designer of the company (100 employees).

2021 — 2022

SoF is a web App that offers a wildfire early alert system using satellite imagery, cameras, and AI. It has been declared of Scientific and Technological Interest by the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires and the users of their system rate it higher than the system offered by NASA.

  • Responsibilities include planning and executing the redesigns of the company's Landing Page and Web App, resulting in a successful implementation in over 180 organizations.

  • As the only designer of the product, I worked closely with the development team to ensure design coherence and platform functionality.

  • Obtained approval from the National Argentine Firefighters Council to implement the system at a national scale allowing the company to expand its market presence.

  • Created the brand's logo and designs for social media posts, which improved the brand's online presence.


2023 — 2023
2017 — 2021
Graduated with honors in the Information, Technology and Communication field at ORT Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • The role of perception in interaction

  • The relationship between sensation and perception

  • Touch and haptics

  • Vision and hearing

  • Memory and how to design for it effectively

  • Design user interfaces that are intuitive—using principles from the physical world as guidelines.

  • Design physical products that seamlessly combines digital and physical elements in a way that is easy to use and understand.

  • Analyze and improve existing designs so they feel more natural.

  • Carry out a design process that focuses on people’s needs and human psychology to ensure that designs are easy and pleasurable to use.

  • Create complex interface designs that are visually intuitive to understand and operate—by applying Gestalt principles such as the Law of Similarity and Law of Pragnanz.

  • Design user interfaces that are easy to understand by applying knowledge of how human vision and attention works.

  • Create intuitive designs that strike a balance between physical controls and digital interfaces, by understanding their benefits and trade-offs.



revibe is a mobile app that combines music therapy with artificial intelligence to provide a solution for anxiety in teenagers by generating playlists adapted to their tastes and mood.

  • Complete development of a mobile application design, including its logo and social media platform posts.

  • Created Motion Design with illustrations for various loading screens, ensuring that the user experience is consistent and attractive at all times.

  • Sole designer of the product.


2020 — 2021
UX/UI Designer at Stem It